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Here are edited transport auctions  

currently open auctions NO

 Bid History:

Auction Transport, No. AT2401F Austria to Turkey ; finished

Auction Transport, No. CZPAK0915PROJECT CZ UZB first stage ok

 Auction Transport, No. 645 CJKPROJECT UkR - TR first stage ok

 Auction transport ffw5189E 3 from Bulgaria to France -first stage OK

 Auction Transport, No. 441 719TBH2 Finished ok

Auction Transport, No. 441 719TBH1 first stage ok

Auction no. 215-4   cancelling

Auction no. 805-3   with winner

Auctions no. 617-2AA first stage ok

Auctions no. 6AA/ Vladivostock  ok 
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